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  About Us


Elmhurst Home, Inc. was founded in 1970 by Mr. James and Mrs. Naomi Oden.  For many years prior to opening Elmhurst Home, James and Naomi would have different meetings in their home to help encourage those who they called "down on their luck."  They saw a growing drug epidemic in the City of Detroit and recognized that something had to be done. Their vision of community was one of people consistently giving back to those in need.  This vision and passion birthed Elmhurst Home, a place where
those suffering from addictions and criminal behavior could come to experience positive life transformation.  Elmhurst Home started with just one contract and a building.  It has expanded throughout the years to a regionally supported multi-campus facility.

                 In Loving Memory of the Founders of Elmhurst Home, Inc.

                                       James and Naomi Oden
                                           "Forever in our Hearts"


 Mission Statement

"The mission of Elmhurst Home, Inc. is to provide person centered, stage matched, evidence based residential treatment for persons with a substance use disorder including persons with co-occurring disorders.  Our primary goal is to assist each person served to achieve and maintain recovery and to improve every aspect of their quality of life.” 


Management Team

Elmhurst Home, Inc. Management Team is comprised of individuals with extensive experience in the area of addiction recovery. They bring to the field a combination of business depth, clinical, and technical knowledge, direct hands-on experience and a commitment to helping addicts develop the skill set that leads to lifelong recovery.

       John C. Oden has provided the necessary leadership to many mental health,     
       substance abuse and other behavioral healthcare programs, at Elmhurst Home,
       Inc. for over 30 years.   

      Betty J. Smith, Administrator is a detail oriented executive with exceptional organizational skills and a proven expertise in business development and program management, a hallmark at Elmhurst Home, Inc. 

Sarina C. Oden leads Naomi's Nest, a division of Elmhurst Home, Inc. with entrepreneural skills in the arts of business, finance and organizational team building.

Leon Wilkerson has financial experience in diverse business settings,  an asset to Elmhurst Home, Inc.  brilliantly balancing fiscal matters with excellent customer service. 

Harvey Reed, Ph.D., Clinical Supervisor 

Anthony Allen, BSW, MSW, Clinical Site Supervisor

Sarelde Cheeks, Q. A. Coordinator     

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