Elmhurst Home, Inc. is a historic fixture in Detroit.  We are honored to have served this community for 42 years, giving hope, health and healing to metro area residents - providing recovery with dignity. 

We are humbled by the generous support of the citizens of our community throughout the years.  To those of you who have given of your time, your talents and your finances, we say "Thank You!"

Now, we seek to include some of metro Detroit's high profile corporations among our sponsors and have formulated a Corporate Sponsorship Package to encourage the same.  Your financial partnership with Elmhurst Home, Inc. will not only prove mutually beneficial, but you will get the reward of knowing that your dollars contributed to the rebuilding of our great city by transforming the lives of its inhabitants.

Click here to learn more about how becoming a Corporate Sponsor of Elmhurst Home, Inc. can benefit you.

When you give to Elmhurst Home, Inc. you are giving hope to countless hundreds of people in desperate need of the life transforming care we provide.  Join our many generous donors in the fight to end substance abuse and curtail criminal behavior.

Donate to Elmhurst Home, Inc. through Pay Pal

We appreciate and gladly accept a donation of any amount.

Are you planning to make a donation of clothing, furniture, or other items to Elmhurst Home, Inc.?
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Donations - Wish List Items

Below are some items that we can always use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Men's clothing, including clothing and shoes for interviews
  • Women's clothing, including clothing and shoes for interviews
  • Food items
  • Bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets, towels)
  • Hygiene kits (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving equipment)
  • Eating utensils (knives, forks, spoons) household refrigerators
  • Bookcases, lamps, dressers, nightstands, twin beds and other furniture
  • Gardening equipment, snow blowers
  • Volunteers for computer training, computer equipment repair


  You may mail your check to:

Elmhurst Home, Inc.
12010 Linwood
Detroit, MI 48206
ATTN:  B. J. Smith


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